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Jucy Rentals is one of the fast growing camper rental suppliers in the US, Australia and New Zealand. With a smaller budget you can book a Jucy Wavefarer for your road trip in the US. In Australia and New Zealand, Jucy also offers many other camper types.

Jucy Campers in the US

Jucy has several locations in the US: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Point Roberts, Washington. This location is a great choice if you want to discover Western Canada. Within a 30-minute drive you are in Vancouver.  A Jucy campervan is small in size but offers many possibilities; sleeping space for two people and cooking facilities. A great option is to alternate camping out in your campervan with overnights in hotels. In the big cities you can enjoy a night in a hotel and in the National Parks like Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon, you can sleep in your Jucy campervan. Hotels located in and around the National Parks are, especially in peak season, very expensive so this is an easy way to save some money.

Jucy delivers 24/7

Jucy added a new 24/7 delivery service to their rental locations in the US. This service is available from all three locations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco. With this greater flexibility, offered for a fixed price, customers can have their rental camper delivered to the airport or (airport) hotel anytime of the day. Please be aware that this is a pre-booked and pre-paid service. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Camper rental San Francisco with a Jucy campervan

Are you planning to book a campervan for your  road trip starting from San Francisco? Please check the cheap camper rental rates in advance to make sure there is still availability. On our website you can make a free personal quote. During your camper trip through California we recommend:

  • Yosemite National Park
  • Alcatraz, San Francisco
  • Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Big Sur / Highway 1
  • 17-mile drive / Camel

Jucy in Australia and New Zealand

One-way fee

  • In the US: the one-way fee is $175 between all locations
  • In Australia: the one-way fee is $150 between all locations
  • In New Zealand: the one-way fee is $195 between all locations (December – March)

Camper types

Jucy offers the following campervans in Australia and New Zealand:


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