Camping cars increase in their popularity sees a rapidly growing demand for the rentals of camping cars. For countries like South Africa, Namibia, and Australia, these small campervans are extremely popular.  These small campers are in most cases equipped with the basic comforts, have strong engines and four wheel drive. There are so called truck campers and minivans, completely kitted out as a camper.

Trendy styled campers

“We are getting more enquiries from customers about smaller campers”, according to Debbie Heydanus of “Not only for camper trips through the Outback, but also for roundtrips through America ”. “More often customers decide to choose a camping car so they can combine hotel overnights in big cities with camping in or nearby the National Parks. And the new generation camping cars are often trendy styled and cheaper in price, what also generates a new target of clientele”.

Bigger fleet campervans

In the last year, has extended the fleet in this type of campervans. Suppliers like Jucy Campers, Escape and Apollo are active in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. This autumn we will add Mighty Campers in Australia to the list of camping car suppliers. On our site you will find the complete list of suppliers whom offer campervans, arranged by supplier or by destination. You can simply tick a box to only see the offer of camping cars or the bigger, more luxury campers.