Rental location in South Africa with Happy Campers

Happy Campers

Camper supplier Happy Camper is expanding their business in South Africa! Where you could already rent one of the colorful campervans in Iceland, Happy Campers has extended their camper rental to a sunnier location. From now on you can rent your Happy camper in Cape Town, South Africa! Make a free personal quotation on our website or contact our customer service department.  [Read more…]

3 new locations for Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans USA, known for the spectaculair, colored designs, has good news! De hand painted campervans, by local artists, expanded with three new locations. Next to the rental locations in Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and Miami, they are now adding two new American states and Canada to the list. From now on adventurous travelers can also pick up or return their campervan in Phoenix and Atlanta. [Read more…]

Britz Australia expands their camper fleet

WorldWide Campers and Britz are pleased to announce that the Britz 4WD Outback will be available to be booked (with travel date after 30 October 2017) for customers that want a 4WD experience in Tasmania, this coming shoulder/high season. This great vehicle has automatic transmission, comfy for 5 travellers and if more than 2 people travel, we can provide an additional tent. This is an ideal choice for those customers that want to set up base with the simple to erect tent, and drive and explore the scenic surrounds. [Read more…]

Camping cars increase in their popularity sees a rapidly growing demand for the rentals of camping cars. For countries like South Africa, Namibia, and Australia, these small campervans are extremely popular.  These small campers are in most cases equipped with the basic comforts, have strong engines and four wheel drive. There are so called truck campers and minivans, completely kitted out as a camper. [Read more…]

Booking a camper early means more discount

Anyone that is planning to rent a campervan for their vacation, is better off to book this as early as possible. Not only is there a bigger range of choice in campers suppliers, you could also save hundreds of Euro’s according to Debbie Heydanus representing [Read more…]

A new Star for WorldWide Campers

Last week RV company Apollo introduced a camper product for clients who appreciate quality and luxury: StarRV. Camper broker WorldWide Campers is the first to introduce this brand on the Dutch market, through her website [Read more…]

WorldWide Campers launch new camper website

Last Monday, WorldWide Campers launched its brand new camper website. The website gives detailed information on camper types in the countries WorldWide Campers offers camper rentals. WorldWide Campers offers sharp rates for the basic camper rental and the prices of the options show that camper rentals do not need to be expensive. [Read more…]