Booking a camper early means more discount

Anyone that is planning to rent a campervan for their vacation, is better off to book this as early as possible. Not only is there a bigger range of choice in campers suppliers, you could also save hundreds of Euro’s according to Debbie Heydanus representing

Huge demand for Europe

“With the Summer vacation insight, we often have to find an alternative for our customers. For a lot of destinations, we have seen the availability become increasingly tight. we always try to find an alternative by offering a different camper type or location” says Heydanus.

Book on time, which offers camper rentals worldwide, oversees an increase in a larger group consumers that decides last minute to travel with a campervan. For long haul destinations like New Zealand, Australia and North America is not only the availability an issue, but booking early can indeed save a lot of money. Most suppliers for these destinations work with so called flex-rates, which helps them dealing with the demand and availability of the campers. As we work with most major Motorhome suppliers we will always offer our clients the best deal possible says Heydanus. “Due to the changing flex-rates it could also mean that we can offer the customer a larger campervan then initially requested, or end up with a completely different supplier”.