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Worldwide Campers offers RV and campervan rentals worldwide. Choose from many destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Asia or South America. Click on one of the countries on the map for information about rental locations and RV suppliers.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand there is no availability for cross country one-way RV rentals until Labor Day.

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Safer travel with an RV vacation

Looking for a safe mode of travel during COVID-19? Booking an RV is a great way to explore securely while enjoying the ultimate in flexibility and convenience in travel.  Drive the open road and explore the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home on wheels – including personal bedroom(s), bathroom and kitchen.  An RV vacation offers the ultimate in freedom, too.  With rental location in over 30 US cities, choose your pick-up location and explore at your own pace – go where you want, when you want. Read more about the COVID-19 policies and guidelines of our US suppliers. For more information please contact our customer service team.

Request a FREE, no-obligation RV rental quote

Requesting a quotation is simple  with our automated quotation system.  Every quotation is provided free of charge and we do not charge booking or administrative fees.  Worldwide Campers partners with more than 10 suppliers in the United States to offer you nearly one hundred different RV and camper models. Based on your travel preferences and options you choose, we will prepare a free rental quote for you.  Your quote will detail vehicle types and options, and we will even include any special deals available for your preferred dates and vehicle type. For more information on available vehicles, options and deals browse our list of suppliers or start your free, no-obligation request for quotation now!

Enjoy ultimate freedom traveling by RV

Traveling with an RV gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace to wherever you want to go. Whether you always wanted to visit the National Parks, go camping with the whole family or just want some peace and quiet. With RV rental you can make your dream trip possible. Request an RV rental quote in four easy steps and we will make sure you will get the best deal.

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