Bigger discounts for early birds

Booking early

Renting a camper usually takes up a big chunk of your vacation budget. How can you cut back on the expenses? The experienced team of WorldWide Campers is glad to share their tips and advises customers to book well ahead of time. The earlier you book your rental camper, the bigger the discounts and available early bird deals.

Book your rental camper with early bird discount

The last minute trend that has taken hold of the travel industry means that many think last minute deals also apply to the camper rental industry. Unfortunately this is not the case. Camper suppliers work with a set fleet each season and especially during peak season getting a last minute deal is virtually impossible. To make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to travel by camper and to avoid high costs, we advise you book your rental camper well in advance. Most of our suppliers work with so called flex rates, meaning they work with a supply and demand system. If you book early in the season, when plenty of campers are still available, it is more likely to get higher discounts.

What’s the best time to book a rental camper?

During the summer months the tariffs for North America, Australia and New Zealand for the following season are published. Europe, South America and Southern Africa are usually published in fall. Keep an eye out for our specials and contact our customer service team to ask about new tariffs. Are you planning a trip during peak season? We strongly advise you to book well ahead, one year ahead is preferable and will guarantee the best possible early bird discount.

Make a free quote

WorldWide Campers works with over 30 suppliers worldwide and is able to give you a good quote taking into account all relevant specials. We will always look for the best deal for you. Contact us to receive your quote.