Rent an Apollo RV with WorldWide Campers

Rent an Apollo RV with WorldWide Campers

Apollo has, since its foundation in 1985, grown into one of the largest camper suppliers worldwide. Apollo is known to put first class customer service and good rates on top of their priority lists! You can accelerate your pick up time by pre-registering online for your motorhome pick up. The fleet of Apollo consists of over 3500 campers, Motorhomes and 4WD campers. All camper rental locations are situated close to the airports or city centers.

  • All motorhome models have large beds and standard luxury features.
  • The fleet of Apollo is not older then 3 years (Australia en New Zealand). (less than 24 months old for camper rentals in the USA).
  • For the USA, Apollo does not require an hotel overnight before pick-up of your rental campervan.
  • Combine rentals in the USA, Australia and New Zealand to obtain long term discounts providing travel is within a three month period.
  • Apollo offers 24hours roadside assistance.
  • Free transfers offered in New Zealand.

Rent a Motorhome in Australia, New-Zealand and the USA

Apollo origins in Australia and offers various locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA. To be more precise: 10 rental locations in Australia, 2 rental locations in New Zealand and 8 rental locations in the USA.

Toll Roads

In Australia we have toll roads in three of our major cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It is the clients responsibly to ensure that these tolls are paid and in the event they are not, Apollo/Cheap/Hippie receives their fine which we then process on the clients behalf. Effective immediately our mutual guests will have the opportunity to purchase a Toll Package for $39 per rental at the branch. This will cover all toll roads up to a maximum of $50 without the need to set up a toll pass themselves or pay each toll individually. We aim to educate our guests on these toll roads via our Magazine which every guest receives a copy, Branch staff advise and counter top notices.

Apollo 4WD

Affective immediately Branch staff will take all guests travelling in a 4WD, through this attached document. Permission is given to travel on all roads listed as long as the roads are open and safe to travel on. Apollo encourages those travelling to remote areas to make sure they have done their research, spoken to local authorities and local businesses to get the most correct and up to date information on the road conditions. Note: from February 2019 the options for 4WD additional cover and Windscreen & Tire Protection Plus are no longer available.

Camp sites

If you want to pre-book your camp grounds, please have a look at the following sites:

Ferry services New-Zealand

Are you planning on taking the Blue Ridge or Interislander Ferry from North to South Island or the other way around? Apollo now offers ferry tickets. Let our staff know you want to pre-book your ferry tickets by writing this in the comment section when making a quote or booking.

Free tablet in New-Zealand

Apollo offers a free tablet when picking up your rental camper in New-Zealand. The Skoot tablet offers maps, travel information, itinerary suggestions and interesting sights along the way. At a small fee you can also add GPS and WiFi services. This tablet is offered at all Apollo brands, including Cheapa Campa and Hippie Camper. The costs for WiFi or GPS will be added to your booking. Feel free to contact us or make a quote.

Camper types

Apollo offers the following camper types:


New Zealand


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