Camper rental offers

Looking for a special deal or discount for your camper trip? We share all the latest offers, specials and early bird deals of our suppliers on this page. Our suppliers have special offers regularly, WorldWide Campers publishes these offers online so you are always aware of the best deals.

West Coast Australia: 20% discount on supplier Apollo

Hippie Apollo special

What about a road trip along the west coast of Australia next year with 20% discount on your RV rental? Are you the adventurous type and planning your Aussie trip on a budget? You can go for a campervan from supplier Hippie! Are you looking for a little more comfort or traveling with more than two people? Then the larger and more luxurious RV types from supplier Apollo will suit you!  [Read more…]

50% discount on your One Way in the US

Star RV

If you are looking for a luxurious RV for a road trip in the US, you are good with our supplier Star RV. And if you are planning your trip in the spring of 2019, we have a good deal for you! Star RV offers you 50% discount on the one way fee if your RV trip falls between the dates of April 1st and July 1st of 2019. This can save you up to $1000,-! [Read more…]

Spring special: Travel Australia in 2019 with 20% discount


What about an unforgettable road trip through Australia? Our RV suppliers Cheapa Campa and Apollo have a great offer for the real adventurers! Choose out of several locations in Australia to pick up your RV. When you drop off your RV in Darwin, you will receive a discount of 20% of the rental price. In addition you will receive a free set of camping seats and a table to fully enjoy the camping experience in the Australian outback. Book your RV now via Worldwide Campers. [Read more…]

2019 Early bird special: travel Australia with 20% discount


What about a beautiful road trip through Australia? Our suppliers Cheapa Campa and Apollo have an attractive special for the real adventurers. Travel from one of the rental locations in Australia to Darwin and receive 20% off your rental price. In addition you will receive free camping chairs and a table to enjoy the camperlife to its fullest. Who doesn’t dream of a sunny vacation in Australia for a good price, while it is still cold at home.  [Read more…]

Make the ultimate road trip with Campervan North America

Have you always dreamt of the ultimate American road trip? Crossing states and discovering the real USA? This super one way special by Campervan North America makes it possible. Campervan North America will open their new location in Orlando, Florida later this year. To get the campers at that location the supplier has come up with this one way special. Rent a camper for three weeks for only 998 euro! Start in the northwest in Seattle and end in the southeast in Orlando, crossing the whole country!
[Read more…]

Travel for free together with Holiday Rent to Peru!

Chile, A long and narrow country in South America. A country that’s situated between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean. A country highlighted each week on Dutch television for a real life program that follows 3 Dutch families starting from scratch in this amazing country. This country can easily be explored with a rental camper from Holiday Rent and why not in combination with neighboring country Peru. [Read more…]