Discover Australia and New-Zealand with WorldWide Campers


A road trip through Australia and New-Zealand is considered a trip of a lifetime. The spectacular nature, vast outdoors, rugged coastal lines, metropolitan cities and quaint villages are a delight to discover whilst on the road. Hitting the road with your own camper or RV gives you all the freedom you might want and need without having to lose any of the creature comforts you are used to. Plan your camper trip through Australia and/or New-Zealand now and receive the great early bird discounts our suppliers offer.

Book early and save money on your trip

Are you planning a trip across Australia and/or New-Zealand? Wait no more! Book your Apollo, Britz or Cheapa Campa in Australia at least 120 days before departure and you receive a 5% discount on your booking. The same goes for New-Zealand. Are you planning a longer road trip? The long hire discount is 8% and valid for rentals of longer than 1 month.