Booking a camper can raise a lot of questions. What about things like linen and cutlery? Can you take the camper van across borders? And can you drop off your camper at a different location than where you picked it up? We answer the most frequently asked questions of our clients on this page. We have ample experience in booking campers and traveling by camper van and will gladly advise you. Is your question not listed below? Please contact us and we will answer your question shortly.

Making a reservation with WorldWide Campers

There are so many camper suppliers. How will I know which supplier fits me best?

Choose a camper that suits your needs. Either by ticking the box ‘camping car’ or ‘camper’. When choosing camping car, you’ll only see the smaller camper types we offer. If you tick the box camper, then only the bigger campers will be shown. If you do not tick either box you will see the full fleet of campers we offer at the chosen location.

Another way to choose the camper that suits you is to specify the amount of adults / children. You will then only see the available campers that suit your travel company.

WorldWide Campers has nearly 40 suppliers worldwide. Large, well-known companies, but also smaller specialists. All our suppliers have an excellent track record and offer good quality campers or RVs. Of course there are some differences noticeable. Not only in price but also when it comes down to service and age of the campers. Because of our experience in booking and making camper trips, we know all the subtle differences between suppliers. To offer an even better service to our clients we have divided our suppliers into three categories: standard, comfort and premium. This classification indicates the service level and what you can expect in terms of quality and age of the campervans. Price is not always leading in this regard. This way you can determine which supplier and camper type best fits your personal travel wishes and your travel company. Are you in doubt which supplier would be the best choice or do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly advise you.

Is mileage included in the camper rate?
On most destinations all mileage is included in the rate, with the exeption of North America. If you rent a motorhome in the USA or Canada, mileage packages need to be purchased at the time of booking. Additional miles will be charged at the return of the camper.
Why are the prices in the quote different from that on the website?
Many of our suppliers work with so called flexrates. Every week they check the offer and demand of their campers and locations. Based on this, the prices might go up or down. WorldWide Campers always checks the current rates and will send you a quote including special offers that might be valid at that time.
Is the camper I request always available?
No, unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed. With almost all our suppliers we can check availability directly and make a preliminary booking for a period of 48 hours. Should the camper you have opted for not be available we will offer you a fitting alternative.
Can I lengthen or shorten my rental after having made a booking?
This depends on the conditions of the supplier. If you are already traveling, please contact the supplier directly and ask for the possibilities. If you want to change the amount of rental days beforehand, please contact us and we will check with the supplier.
What is the cancellation policy after having booked my rental RV?
You can read all about our cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.
Is there a possibility to check in before I pick up the camper?
Most camper suppliers offer an online check in. Please refer to the specific supplier pages for more information.
Is it possible to get an upgrade to a bigger camper when picking up the vehicle?
Generally speaking this is not possible. Suppliers have a limited amount of vehicles available and, certainly in high season, these are all rented out. Are you unsure which camper type will fit your needs? Feel free to discuss this with our team. They have ample experience in booking and traveling with rental RV’s and are happy to help!
Am I allowed to return my camper to another location?
Most of the camper companies allow one way rentals, depending on season and availability. A One-Way rental is always on request and a one-way fee applies.

Drivers license and travel documents

I’m 21 years old / I have just gotten my drivers license. Can I rent a camper?
To be able to rent a camper you need to have a valid drivers license. The minimum age limit is set at 21 years for most suppliers. There are a few exceptions. McRent has an age limit of 23+. Suppliers Touring Cars, Hippie and Jucy offer campers for 18+ as well. Read the terms & conditions per supplier.
Do I need a special driver's licence?
A valid, current driver’s license must be produced for everyone intending to drive a motorhome. State, overseas or international licenses are acceptable. However, the license should be in English characters for the motorhome suppliers staff to read. You will need to be in possession of a valid driver’s license for a minimum of one year. Exception to the rule is our camper supplier McRent, who requests that you are in possession of a valid driver’s license for a minimum of three years. Our camper supplier McRent requires a minimum age of 23 years to rent a campervan. For our other camper suppliers the minimal rental age for driving a campervan is 21 years old. Only with motorhome suppliers Touring Cars, Hippy and Jucy you are allowed to rent a motorhome at the age of 18 years. Download here more information about the camper conditions for the exact motorhome supplier.
Do I need a credit card when picking up my rental RV?
Yes, the main driver and person that booked the RV needs to have a valid credit card. The supplier uses your credit card for a deposit, extra’s that you will need to pay for up front and in case of any damage to the vehicle.
Which travel documents do I need?
When you pick up your camper you will need to show your valid drivers license and a credit card in the name of the main driver. The supplier uses your credit card for a deposit, extra’s that you will need to pay for up front and in case of any damage to the vehicle. Extra drivers will also need to show a valid drivers license as they will be added to the rental agreement which they will have to sign as well.

Please note that you are always responsible for your own travel documents; a valid passport (in some countries your passport has to be valid for a couple of months after your return) or an ID card. When you are travelling to the USA you have to have a valid ESTA and for Canada an ETA is needed.


Is it possible to book a hotel transfer?
Some camper suppliers offer transfers from hotel or airport to the location. Please contact our call center for more information.
Can you explain what is meant by a preparation fee, convenience kit and a personal kit?

Preparation fee

The RV receives a full service: the motorhome supplier makes sure the waste and water tanks are emptied, campervan is clean, oils are checked, that the propane gas bottles are full and tires and windows are ok.

Convenience kit

The convenience kit contents items such as: cooking equipment, eating utensils and other cleaning equipment, first aid kit, toilet chemicals, road maps, fire extinguisher.

Personal kit

A personal kit consists of: Bedding kit (like: linen, duvet, pillows, pillowcases), (wash)towels and teatowels.

What do I need a generator for and what are the costs?
Generally speaking you can hook up to electricity when you are parked on a campground. When you are on the road and not connected to the local power network, the appliances will work on the camper battery. For example, if you want to use the air conditioning or microwave while you are not connected to the local power supply, you can use the generator. Because these devices use a lot of power. This is also the case when you are camping for instance in a national park without any facilities. Costs of using the generator vary per supplier. The costs are shown in the booking process and you will also be informed of this when you pick up the camper. Our experience is that you won’t have to use the generator that much.
What are the beds like in a camper?
The below list gives an overview of the various kinds of beds that can be found in the camper types available through WorldWide Campers.
– Cabover bed: bed above the cabin, will have limited height space but is easy to use as it’s a permanent bed
– Double bed: permanent bed in the back of the cabin, situated in the length, usually next to the bathroom. Generally a corner of the bed will be rounded to ease the walkway to the bathroom.
– Dinette bed: the seating area can be transformed into a bed
– Queen bed: a large, detached bed in the back of the cabin, usually in a separate bedroom.
– Bunk beds: in the back of the cabin, great for kids
Booking a campground/camping/RV park

A campground, camping or RV park is a place to spend the night with your camper. There are differences between the three and it is advisable to check facilities beforehand. Generally speaking, an RV park is just a place to park and doesn’t offer elaborate facilities.

Most campgrounds and RV parks in the USA, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand offer standard facilities such as water supply, electricity and a sewage dump indicated as ‘Full hook up’. In Europe the sewage dump for gray water and your toilet can be found at a separate dumping site.

Your camper will contain a campground guide indicating campgrounds throughout the destination of your choice. You can also check with the local CVB or tourism office or download an app. Park rangers can also advise you on local campgrounds. Boondocking or dry camping is allowed in Scotland, New-Zealand, Scandinavia and South America so long as you leave only footprints and take only memories.

In the USA you can spend the night on the parking sites of Wallmart, if you ask beforehand.

Campgrounds in America are ample in space and will offer pull through sites. You won’t have to back up the camper which is easier when driving a camper. If you do have a backup site, ask someone to help you. Watch for low hanging branches and other obstacles that can damage the camper.

Are camping tables and chairs included in the rental price?
A table is usually included. Chairs can be rented. In most cases you can rent an entire set. Many campsites in Northern America provide a picnic table at each campsite.
Is there enough storage space for our suitcases in the camper?
This depends on the camper type you book and the amount and type of suitcases you bring along. A smaller campervan will obviously accommodate less storage space than a larger family-sized camper or RV. We always advise to bring bags rather than suitcase or soft-shelled suitcases. Suppliers sometimes offer the possibility to leave behind your empty suitcase at the depot. This only works if you make a roundtrip.

At the pick up location

Can I pick up my rental RV straight after arriving in my holiday destination?
This depends on the destination. In general, you can pick up your rental camper straight away in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In the USA and Canada you can pick up your rental RV the day after arriving. Our supplier Apollo is an exception to the rule. Please keep in mind that our suppliers have set times for picking up and returning your vehicle. You can check the rental conditions of each supplier on their respective supplier pages or contact us.
How much time does it take to pick up or drop off a camper?
The pick up and drop off procedure at the camper location takes around two hours. During the pick up of your camper you will be shown a DVD which is full useful information on how everything works in and around the camper. There is also an instruction manual in the campervan itself. During the pick up and drop off procedure, paper work will need to be filled in and the camper will be thoroughly checked for damage. The camper supplier will also perform a inventory check.
What should I do when anything occurs during our trip? Such as an accident or damage to the RV.
If you experience any kind of roadside problems, please call the supplier immediately. In the roadside assistance booklet you will find the telephone number. Usually this number is also written down on your keychain. They will discuss what to do, depending on the situation this could mean a visit to the nearest garage or being towed if the vehicle can’t drive anymore. In case of small repairs you might be asked to take care of this yourself. In any case, always keep the receipts or invoices and note down whom you’ve spoken to and when. We strongly advise you to read through the travel restrictions. If you experience roadside problems in an area that’s restricted, costs of towing you away will be for your own account. For instance, traveling into Death Valley during the summer months is prohibited. 
What should I pay attention to when returning the camper?
Most importantly, you will check the campervan with the local supplier on any damages or malfunctions that may have occurred during your rental period. In case of damages you can discuss the solution immediately and you won’t be surprised with extra costs afterwards.

Most of our suppliers work with a “full to full” policy. This means you will receive the campervan with a full tank and you will have to return it also with a full tank. Please discuss this with the supplier when you are picking up the campervan.

For cleaning the vehicle the rule is clear, you will return it as you received it. However, some suppliers offer a “cleaning package” which can be booked on location when you pick up the vehicle. Check the terms and conditions at the location or get in contact with our customer service department.

What happens when I drive more miles than indicated beforehand?
The extra miles you’ve driven will be settled when you return the vehicle. Costs vary per supplier. In your rental agreement the costs for extra miles will be explained as well.
What does ‘full hook up’ mean?
A full hook up is a campsite with all facilities for an RV. You can hook up the RV to electricity, water and sewage.
Cross Border
Most of our suppliers allow cross border traveling during your trip, however, in most cases it is not possible to return the campervan in another country than where you picked it up. Terms and conditions may vary per supplier and location. For specific information regarding your upcoming trip and crossing borders, please get in contact with our customer service department.
Can you give more information about toll roads and traffic fines?
You may use toll roads during your journey. Especially in urban areas you will find toll roads. There are several ways in which toll can be levied, through various organizations. There are closed toll roads for which toll is to be paid for a particular route or through an open system where toll is paid when you pass a toll camera. Sometimes toll only applies in one direction. Also for the use of bridges and tunnels, toll can be levied. The costs for this are often higher than for regular roads.

The supplier charges toll on the driver. The camper renter/driver is responsible for paying tolls. Campers are not provided with a transponder or toll sticker. Issuing toll fees can be done in two ways and depends on the toll collection and payment options. On Google Maps, you can already preview the roads that will be charged, of course, always subject to change.

  1. When found to be responsible for the toll charge, the supplier will pass your name and address details to the relevant toll collection agency. The toll collector will then send you an invoice directly. You usually do not receive a notice or correspondence from the supplier beforehand. You pay the toll charge directly to the toll collection agency. This can usually be done via the website of the relevant authority.
  2. In all other cases, the supplier pays the toll. The toll fee will then be charged to the driver of the camper by the supplier. Your credit card will be charged for the toll charge + administration fee due.

Penalties for traffic offenses such as jumping a red light, speeding or parking in a prohibited area will be handled in the same way.

What should I do when I have comments or complaints about the RV during my trip?
When you pick up your RV, the supplier will give you a tour of the vehicle and will check any and all damages with you. Should you notice things that you don’t like, please make this known immediately so the supplier can discuss a possible solution with you. We strongly advise you to take notes and/or pictures. Are there any complaints during your trip? Please contact the supplier directly and try to come to a solution with the supplier whilst you are traveling.
How about WIFI?
Some providers offer WIFI in the camper. If you would like WIFI in your camper, you can ask for this in the comment section of your quote. If the provider offers WIFI this is usually limited. At extra costs you can get more gigabytes.

Travel company (children / pets)

Are pets allowed in a motorhome?
In general pets are not permitted in a camper. Some camper companies allow guide dogs. Please refer to our call center or the specific conditions per supplier.
What should I pay attention to when making a camper trip with children?

Distances can be long so be mindful of plenty of stops during your trip. There are many child friendly campsites. We do advise you to plan your trip and book ahead to ensure a campsite which suits your family’s needs. Don’t drag along too much stuff from home. Anything you need is readily available at larger supermarkets and department stores all over the world. Don’t forget to bring along you iPad or tablet with downloaded movies or series. Thinking of some easy road trip games is a good idea and maybe you can make an activity board or bring along a vacation book.


Is a deposit when picking up my rental RV required with each supplier?
Yes, each supplier requires a deposit. The amount of the deposit differs for each supplier. It can add up to several thousands of Euros or Dollars. The deposit will have to be paid for by credit card. You always need a credit card in the name of the main driver. The rental conditions of each supplier can be viewed on the supplier pages.