One way camper rental

One way camper rental

When booking your camper rental you select the country and rental location of your choice. You can opt for a roundtrip and return the vehicle to the same location. In most cases you can also opt for one way rental, if you prefer to return the vehicle at another location than where you picked it up. It is good to know that one way rental is not a given and will always have to be checked with the supplier of your choice.

One way fees

One way rental always have to be requested with the supplier. The supplier will check fleet demands at both locations and will either allow or deny the requested one way. Because the supplier will have to arrange for the camper to be brought back to the original location, a one way fee will be added to your booking. The costs of one way fees vary per supplier and location.


WorldWide Campers frequently has one way specials available. In Europe our supplier Hostel on Wheels, in Portugal, allows cross border one ways between Spain and Portugal. Touring Cars allows one ways between Norway, Sweden and Finland. In America one way rental between locations is often possible, however not cross border to Canada. A few suppliers never allow one way travel, such as our European supplier McRent. In Australia and New Zealand one way travel is allowed at a surcharge. However the surcharge is waived when your rental period is longer than 21 days.

When you are interested in a one way camper rental, it’s always a good idea to check our current specials. You can also contact our customer service team, they can look into the one way costs for you. Our one way specials mean that no one way costs are applied because the supplier needs more campers at one location than another. One way specials are often available in spring and fall.