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RV Rental in Vancouver

British Columbia by camper from Vancouver

RV rental in Vancouver with WorldWide Campers? The city of Vancouver, at the west coast of Canada, is a perfect starting point for a round trip by rental camper if you want to explore British Columbia. The west coast of Canada is a favourite staying place of whales, orcas, seals and dolphins, so it is an absolute must for people that want to go on a whale safari. You leave your camper at the coast for a day and step on board of one of the boats that bring you close to these marine animals. Afterwards you can drive your rental camper inland to see the rest of the wonderful nature that Canada has to offer. Your round trip by camper will take you through the Canadian part of the Rocky Mountains, with national parks like Yoho National Park and Banff National Park. Here you can enjoy the forests, mountains, waterfalls and lakes and if you are lucky you will see bears or a moose! If you want, you can end your round trip with a visit to Calgary and return your camper there.

Start your round trip by camper in Vancouver

Vancouver in British Columbia is one of the rental locations of WorldWide Campers in Canada. You can for example book a camper from Cruise Canada, Canadream, Four SeasonsFraserway or Best Time RV and pick it up in Vancouver. If you pick up your rental camper in Vancouver, you have the option to return it after your round trip in another city, for instance Calgary.

RV rental in Vancouver

In Vancouver you can choose from several types of campers. For instance you can rent a Deluxe campervan for two persons from Canadream, a solid Truckcamper with or without Slide-Out from Fraserway or a Large Motorhome C30 suitable for the whole family from Cruise Canada.

Enjoy your camper holiday in Canada

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