RV Rental Boston

RV Rental in Boston

Are you considering RV rental in Boston for a road trip in the USA? Boston is a beautiful, historic city and serves as the ideal place to start to discover New England by camper. The state of New England offers a unique atmosphere, tranquillity, beautiful nature and has an intriguing historic background. Drive along New England’s coast and admire its spectacular coastline with its charming lighthouses. Head into the mountains and let your breath be taken by the stunning panoramic views that await you higher up. Experience the famous Indian Summer of the United States when Fall arrives – the colours of leaves turn from a vivid green to a warm yellow and red tone; a beautiful enhancement to your road trip through the already gorgeous state of New England.

Traveling by camper through New England from Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities of the United States and is the city that saw the rise of the American Revolution. The city offers beautiful architecture, lovely parks and a wide variety of restaurants and shops. Consider walking the Freedom Trail; a 4 kilometers long walking route which starts at Boston Common park and takes you through 16 of the city’s highlights.

RV rental in Boston with WorldWide Campers

In Boston WorldWide Campers offers rental campers from for example Cruise America or El Monte RV. These rental companies offer a wide range of various motorhomes, ranging from “small” campervans of about 8 meters to large rental RVs suited for 6 persons. The pick-up locations are located outside of town near the airport. Before you pick up your camper, you have to stay at least one night in a hotel. Moturis offers free transport from several airport hotels to the pick-up location of their campers. When renting a Cruise America camper, you have the choice of picking up the RV in either North or South Boston.

One-way road trip from Boston through the United States

Want to pick up your rental RV in Boston but drop it off elsewhere? You have the possibility to do so! Simply request a one-way rental when booking your camper. When you pick up your rental RV in Boston for your road trip through the USA, you could then drop it off in, for instance, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago or Denver. Even Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco if you’d like! Please be aware of the fact that one-way rentals are charged and thus slightly increase the total price of the booking.