RV Rental in Portland

Rv rental in portland

RV rental in Portland, Oregon for a road trip in on the west coast of the US? From Amsterdam you can fly non-stop to Portland, in the north-western part of the United States. This makes Portland an ideal starting point for a trip by campervan. From Portland you can for instance drive your rental camper to Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Rocky Mountains. But an RV trip to the south, through the wine valleys of Oregon and California, is also worth considering. It is possible to return your RV at another location in for example Seattle or San Francisco. For more information about this option you can contact our call centre.

RV rental in Portland

In Portland you can rent a motorhome from Cruise America, the number one RV rental company in the USA. One of the conditions for RV rental with Cruise America is the one night stay after your arrival in America. To prevent customers from picking up the RV straight after their flight and driving long hours with a possible jetlag, they ask all everyone to book a hotel for the first night and pick up the RV the next day. This gives you the opportunity to see the city of Portland before you leave on your camper trip. Portland is an energetic city with a small town feel and the fitting slogan “keep Portland weird”. The city has many great cuisines, from trendy food trucks to world cuisine restaurants, and a lot of arts and culture. In addition Portland is bike friendly, so it is recommended to rent a bike while exploring the city.

RV rental in other US cities

Besides RV rental in Portland, there are 30+ other locations in the US where you can rent an RV with Worldwide Campers. On the west coast RV rental is also possible in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver among many other cities. Are you interested in RV rental in Portland, but you want to return the RV in another city? These so-called one ways are possible for an additional one way fee. These costs are not in your quotation yet, but will be added by our customer service team after they receive your quotation. When you rent an RV from Cruise America, make sure to download their free app. This app gives you  all RV parks, gas stations and recreational areas close to your location during your road trip.