RV Rental in Cuba

RV rental in Cuba

Discover Cuba with Worldwide Campers

Cuba, a true Caribbean paradise, has a lot to offer for a beautiful RV road trip on the island. Cruise along the bright blue ocean and white beaches in your rental RV. Drive through the UNESCO listed Valle de Viñales with her impressive rock formations and bright green nature, and visit the lively cities of the island, like capital Havana. This is the ultimate city to admire the classic cars and experience the hospitable Cuban people. RV rental in Cuba? Make a free and non-committed quote in the menu of our website. Are you looking for more information about RV rental in Central America? Our customer service team is ready to advise you about all possibilities.

Roadtrip in Cuba

Cuba is trice as large as the Netherlands, so all distances are larger than you would think. For a road trip of two weeks, we recommend you to travel in a triangle from Havana to Viñales and Trinidad. At the end of your trip your return your RV in Havana. This triangle trip gives you a great mix of nature and unique wildlife with the colorful streets of Havana and Trinidad. Do you want to take more time for your road trip? You can also choose to travel from west to east.

RV rental in Cuba

Worldwide Campers works together with Daiquirí Tours in Cuba. This partner has over 20 years of tourism experience and offers many kinds of excursions and guided tours next to the RV rental. You might not think of an RV when you think of a vacation in Cuba, but it is actually a great means of transportation on the island. You are not allowed to go camping in nature, but there are some campgrounds on the island. In addition, Daiquirí Tours collaborates with many hotels in Cuba, which means you can stay on their parking spots. While camping on the hotel’s parking, you may use all services and facilities.